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Welcome to the Biverse! The other side of infinity! What I plan to do here is create an in-depth innovative and extremely creative xenobiological ecosystem. I'm trying to leap towards the most creative direction I can find so an ordinary planet, a boring ball of dirt and gravity wasn't good enough for me, so Zion is in a way a gas planet. It comprises of a "star" which is actually the core of the planet, featuring millions of organic "islands" orbiting around it slowly. The water cycle starts off with water raining, then trickleing down islands in the form of rivers and streams, even forming lakes and marshes on larger islands. It continues to do this until it reaches a certain layer of the atmosphere close enough to the core where it is to hot for water to be sustained and it evaporates, usually rocketing skywards into a boiling geyser. Because of this configuration chlorophyll based plants that feed off of solar energy reside on the bottom of islands facing the sun while the top of the islands inhabits many other forms of flora feeding mainly off of water, chemosynthesis, and other diverse means. One thing I intend to explore through this is just how versatile life can be. Although most people believe life to exist only in certain conditions according to earth only, I believe life can form about anywhere with the right elements available. From the many flying balloon creatures and indigenous bio-luminescent animals to the silicon life-forms that live in the zones so hot, water cannot be sustained, with molecular structures feeding off of radiation. This world is a complex amalgamation of grotesque entanglements and obscene beauty, puncturing the peripheral membrane of imagination. Welcome to Zion.

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